About Us


Retro Spares (Autocables) is a company which specializes in the manufacture, repairs, and supply of many types of cables. Speedometer, tachometer, clutch, handbrake, accelerator, automotive, mechanical control, bowden type control cables and custom cables made of samples.

About Auto Shades

There are many accessories available in today’s market to enhance the comfort and style of your vehicle. Every year more products are introduced while others simply vanish. There are a few, however, that have passed the test of time. They must be practical, serviceable, durable and affordable. One of these products is the Internal Venetian Shade, which has been available in Australia since 1948 and is still produced today. People purchase this product to protect passengers such as children and elderly from the direct sun while driving, especially on long trips, to protect their upholstery from fading and splitting from the suns rays, or just for the appearance it adds to their vehicle. Because it is made from steel, under normal use it will last the life of the vehicle.

There have been only a few changes from the original design, such as the introduction of the sliding points in the early sixties, which have passed sledge and barrier tests to ensure they will not dislodge in the event of an accident. It also makes installation a breeze, with no need to drill holes in 98% of models. In 1990 a new style of four uprights was introduced to accommodate the eye level brake light and cellular phone aerial.

Now, with over 400 models available, for either sedan or wagon, new and old, it is a product that has been built especially for your vehicle.