Body Rubber Kits

Body Rubber Kit Supplies in Australia

The seals in your car will wear off eventually and fail to provide the security your car needs. Especially for your prized vehicle, invest in quality and reliable rubber kit seals to ensure your car remains impervious to Australia’s climate conditions. If you begin noticing your seals are giving way, visit Retro Spares to acquire complete and comprehensive rubber kits.

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High Quality Body Rubber Kits

Our rubber kits have been sourced from reliable and quality suppliers who ensure your car will stay clean on the inside and free form dirt, water and other foreign elements. Our complete kits include seals for doors, bonnets, trunks, windows, channels, handles, barrels, door and hood bumps and more. Manufactured from quality and durable rubber, our kits fit perfectly to help seal your car completely.

A Wide Range of Body Rubber Kits

For a wide range of rubber kits for various car models, view our entire online range to find the right kit for your vehicle. If you need help selecting the most appropriate kit, speak to a friendly sales representative. You can also order your rubber kits online and we offer pick up instore or a delivery service.













Rubber Kits for Sale Online

Our auto rubber parts are available for sale online. We stock complete rubber kits for various car models. Most classic cars will have been around for 30-60 years and they will be in need of replacement rubber parts. Stop driving your vehicle with compromised seals and rubber gaskets and invest in quality rubber kits that will suit your exact requirements and not affect your budget.

Buy Rubber Kits Online at Low Prices

Our car rubber parts are available online at low prices. Our complete rubber kit sets will help you reseal your entire vintage car so that it can perform effectively. If there is a cool draft entering the cabin from the door or if you have water ingress into the trunk or boot of your car, ensure you update your seals to prevent damage and increased running costs.

Browse a Wide Range of Rubber Kits

Whether you require Holden Rubber Kits or Ford Rubber Kits or rubber kits for other car models, we stock complete sets online. Our wide range will not leave you lost for choice because we stock various sets for specific car models. Our comprehensive rubber kits have been acquired from suppliers who follow strict quality control so that each part has been manufactured correctly to fit and perform well.

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One Stop Shop for Quality Rubber Kits in Australia

As a distributor of quality rubber kits in Australia, we are the one stop shop for all your retro car parts. If you have a vintage vehicle that needs new rubber parts, browse our entire collection online. Each rubber kit comes will all the parts you need to reseal your entire vehicle. If you cannot find your vehicle online, enquire with us and we will help you track down the rubber kit you need.

Why Buy Rubber Kits from Retro Spares?

Retro Spares stores a wide collection of rubber kits for your prized possession. We understand that as your car ages with time and with regular use, you will need to acquire quality rubber kits that should not affect the performance of your vehicle. Our rubber kits have been tested to offer superior results.