Part No. 49110-SHQ

Vintage Air - Base Model Horizontal 4-Lever Gen II Fingertip Control Panel (Machined)

This internally lighted, standard machined control panel has a mylar face and delivers infinite louver air temperature regulation and bi-level operation of air-conditioning and heat.



Part No. 35704-VUD

Vintage Air - Beadlock Type 4-Way Bulkhead Fitting Kit

Includes: 4 straight fittings 4-90 degree fittings and refrigerant oil.



Part No. 389804

Vintage Air - Streamline Black Anodized Aluminum 4-Way In-Line Bulkhead Plate for AC and Heater 6-10 Male O-Ring

Lower profile, easier installation, just drill 4 individual holes.



Part No. 61005-VUZ-A

Vintage Air - Super Gen II With Defrost

Gen II Super - Heat Cool and Defrost Exceptional performance is achieved with the Gen II Super's D" shaped air outlets. As an additional benefit you are able to position all 4 louvers wherever you need them under or in your dash.



From $138.00






Part No. 037030-OVR

Monster SuperFlow Condenser For Dual Air Or High-Capacity Systems 16 x 28.5 Wide

Monster SuperFlow Condenser with straight outlets. 16 IN. tall x 27 IN. wide x 1 IN. thick 29.5 overall length with fittings & brackets. Monster SuperFlow Condenser For Dual Air Or High-Capacity Systems



Part No. 491231

Vintage Air - 3 Lever Panel Gen IV Anodized

This machined aluminum slide control panel features a black-anodized bezel and knobs with a satin finish mylar face. Panel includes a mylar face for horizontal and vertical configurations as well as our exclusive variable soft-white LED illumination.