Lamps & Lenses

Lamp and Lens Supplies in Australia

Your vehicle needs to have appropriately fitted and tested lamps and lenses to ensure it complies with local regulations. We stock a variety of lamps and lens for your heritage, retro and classic cars to ensure you can continue to drive it without worry. If you need to update your lamps and/or lenses, or are looking out for an upgrade, we stock the products you need. For ideal driving during dusk and night conditions, invest in reliably sourced lamps and lens parts for your prized possession.

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High Quality Lamps and Lenses

We stock driving lights and components, globes and bulbs, headlight lenses and assemblies, indicator lenses and assemblies, interior light lenses, side lamps and lenses, taillight lenses and assemblies, and other lamps and lenses. If we do not have a lamp or lens in stock for your car type and model, we will help you source the right product for your vehicle. Among our 525 products, we cater for almost every car model so that we do not leave behind any car enthusiast or owner.

A Wide Range of Lamps and Lenses

Our lamps and lenses have been sourced from reputable and reliable manufacturers who follow strict quality control procedures. In addition to halogen globes and standard incandescent globes, we also stock modern LED globes to help enhance driver visibility and aesthetics.












Lamps and Lenses for Sale Online

Our extensive range of car lamps and lens covers and LED autolamps means that you will not be driving your vehicle blind in the dark for long. We stock various auto headlamps, auto lamps, automotive lamps and car headlamps for many vehicles. When you need LED car headlamps urgently, browse our entire range online for your vintage car. Our prompt delivery service will deliver your new lights within a few days.

Buy Lamps and Lenses Online at Low Prices

Our LED lamps and headlamp lenses are available online at low prices. Whether your lamps have been damaged, cease to work, or you are looking for an upgrade, consider LED car headlamps which offer superior lighting range, low energy consumption and a long lifespan. Remember to install any car headlamps or auto lamps appropriately and consult any car manufacturer instructions. We recommend an auto technician be engaged to install your new lamps and lenses.

Browse a Wide Range of Lamps and Lenses

We stock a wide range of lamps and lenses for almost all car models, including LED autolamps Australia. Our extensive range includes Ford BA Falcon tail light globes and Holden Commodore interior light lens centre and surround. We stock lights for all interior and exterior functions of your vehicle. If you are unsure which lamps you require for your vintage car, ask a friendly team member for support.

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One Stop Shop for Quality Lamps and Lenses in Australia

If you require quality lamps and lenses in Australia that have been sourced from reputable manufacturers, we stock a diverse range that will suit your needs and budget. If you require a light for your vintage car or prized possession and you haven’t been able to find the right part, browse our entire collection online. If you cannot find the part you need, call or email us and we will help your track it down.

Why Buy Lamps and Lenses from Retro Spares?

Our lamps and lenses are made from modern electrical components and quality materials. Whether you are after halogen globes or LEDs we stock both to suit your requirements. Remember, if you require the retro look you can still have the warm yellow glow that you desire from LED lamps. In addition, we stock lens for your car to suit the front array, rear array and side indicator instruments.