Vintage Air

Vintage Air Supplies in Australia

Retro Spares is a certified Vintage Air Distributor in Australia. Help regulate the temperature in your vehicle or improve its cooling capabilities with quality and reliable Vintage Air supplies. We stock various parts to help complete your vehicle for your next drive under the sun. Our range includes A/C compressors, A/C condensers, compressor brackets, heating units, control panels, hose kits and receiver dryers, louvers and pods, Vintage Air accessories and the complete Vintage Air systems.

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High Quality Vintage Air

Our Vintage Air supplies have been manufactured in accordance with strict quality control procedures to ensure the systems and parts operate effectively. For quality air and temperature regulation while driving, invest in supplies from Vintage Air. Based in the USA, Vintage Air supply leading high-performance air-conditioning units. Every Vintage Air product incorporates the very latest technology available and offers customers the greatest efficiency and reliability available.

A Wide Range of Vintage Air

If you need to update or upgrade your air-conditioning system, look no further than a system from Vintage Air. Your car will remain cool during hot weather and the system will not place unnecessary pressure on your car’s engine. If installed correctly, you will love your new Vintage Air system. We stock supplies for almost every car model.

Part No. 499194

Vintage Air - Standard Adjustable Double Vane Louver for 2.5-Inch Hose Black with Chrome Bezel

This adjustable through-dash louver features a 2.5" duct hose inlet & a 2.70" bezel diameter. The louver is black with a chrome bezel & has the capability to open, close and rotate 360-degrees.





Part No. M146K

Maradyne High Performance Thermo Champion Series Electric Fan 14"

14" low profile, reversible “S” blade fan with 160 watt motor.



Part No. PS3632




Part No. 547000

Vintage Air - Beadlock 14-Fitting Extended Length Refrigerant Hose Kit with Dryer for 134a

This hose kit uses barrier type refrigerant hose for use with HFC-134a and R-12 refrigerants.



Part No. 66005-VUZ-A

Vintage Air - Mini Gen II With Defrost

Gen II technology is incorporated into our smallest, full feature heat & cool system. Exclusive CAD-designed case bears surprising capacity in an easy-to-fit package. The Gen II Mini is a perfect system for early model trucks as well as smaller hot rods.



Part No. 49200-RHA

Vintage Air - Rotary Pod Gen II 4-Knob Base Under-Dash Control Panel

Delivering infinite louver air temperature regulation and bi-level operation of air-conditioning and heat.



Part No. 162774-SDA


1970-78 Mopar 318/340/360 Compressor/Alternator Bracket Kit With Power Steering (No Air Pump)



Part No. PS3610






Vintage Air for Sale Online

We stock premium products from Vintage Air. Whether you are after Vintage Air compressors, Vintage Air compressor parts, Vintage Air condensers, Vintage Air condenser kits and other Vintage Air heating, cooling and air flow systems, we stock the complete range for your needs. Our products are directly sourced from Vintage Air who provide quality parts to suit various car models.

Buy Vintage Air Online at Low Prices

If you need to update or upgrade your air flow system, acquire Vintage Air products online at low prices. If your heating, cooling or air flow system is not operating effectively and it is causing other parts of your vehicle to malfunction, ensure you acquire high quality systems from Vintage Air. Remember to install these parts correctly and we recommend you engage an auto technician.

Browse a Wide Range of Vintage Air

Our wide range of Vintage Air includes A/C compressors, A/C condensers, compressor brackets, heating units, control panels, hose kits and receiver dryers, louvers and pods, Vintage Air accessories and the complete Vintage Air systems. Our Vintage Air systems are available for various car models so you will find the perfect match. Make sure you speak to one of our friendly staff members to understand installation and maintenance requirements.

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One Stop Shop for Quality Vintage Air in Australia

We are the one stop shop for quality Vintage Air systems in Australia. You will be able to fix or replace any air flow system in your vehicle with our quality compressors and condensers. If you require a Vintage Air system for your vintage car or prized possession and you haven’t been able to find the right part, browse our entire collection online. If you cannot find the part you need, call or email us and we will help your track it down.

Why Buy Vintage Air from Retro Spares?

We stock quality Vintage Air systems that provide clean and effective air flow operations. Our systems have been tested to provide reliable air flow without it being a burden on your vehicle’s engine. The air flow systems are compatible with various car models. Enquire today to learn more about our complete range and remember to ask us any questions.


What's the cost of vintage air in Australia?

The cost of Vintage Air products in Australia varies depending on the product. The average cost for the product and to have it installed by a qualified professional is between $2,000 and $2,500 (excl. GST).

Does Vintage Air have heat system?

Vintage Air offer heating systems. The kits are available in heater only or heater with defrost configurations. Both systems are necessary for vehicles especially during winter periods.

Is vintage air better for both retro and classic cars?

Yes. Vintage Air is designed to enhance both retro and classic cars where the original heating, cooling or defrosting capabilities may be limited or in need of an upgrade. The kits can be retro-fitted into any type of vehicle to provide a more comfortable ride.

How to find which compressor is used in vintage air?

Vintage Air systems are available with various compressors to suit your unique vehicle. It is recommended to engage a certified car mechanic and technician who is familiar with Vintage Air products to select the right type.

How much time required to install vintage air in cars?

It is important to never rush the installation process. Installation requires care and patience otherwise it can lead to extensive problems in the future. The installer should devote at least 1-2 days.

How to charge a vintage air conditioner?

To charge a Vintage air conditioner system with refrigerant, you need to follow a process to do it carefully and properly. It is important to choose appropriate 134a refrigerant, prepare the vacuum pump, oil the engine system, attach the recharge kit, test the pressure and enjoy an air-conditioned ride.